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THOMAS ARVID — America’s Preeminent Painter of Wine – Thomas Arvid has achieved spectacular success and national acclaim with his still-life compositions of wine and the rituals surrounding its consumption. The self-taught artist translates abstract composition and a talent for portraying light and color into sumptuous, super-realistic oil paintings of wine. Thomas Arvid unites the aesthetics of art and the sensual complexity of fine wine in his large-scale paintings that leave collectors and critics begging for more.

The Art Shop was delighted with the recent visit of Thomas Arvid to our gallery. We raised $2500.00 for the Children’s Flight of Hope. This is an organization that provides free flights for sick/injured children in need of medical transportation. Thomas Arvid is quickly earning himself a national reputation as a rising star with his remarkable, bold paintings of wine. At galleries from the Napa Valley to France, he is gaining recognition for his compositions – often sold “before the paint is dry”.  Thomas Arvid’s natural charisma and infectious enthusiasm for art and wine guarantee his continued success and popularity.

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