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Born in 1966, Lushpin was apprenticed in finest art schools. The embodiment of his masterpieces is an endless travel across channels of old cozy towns and long avenues of world famous cities. Streets with noble century-old mansions and rows of houses nestled next to each other, with glowing windows in the night. A family is gathered for dinner in a quaint restaurant above the river. A couple of young lovers hide from the cold of a November evening in a warm cafe. People hustle to find shelter from the rain, and cottages in an old town provide the warm and comfort of home for families.

Lushpin catches the most precious moments and shows us more than meets the eye. The charming play of light and dark, rich palettes of color, hundreds of subtle details – all this create the melodic symphony of power and light. His style is widely recognized and today Lushpin’s work attracts collectors from all over the world.


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