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CHRISTIAN JERECZEK — Christian Jereczek is a wonderful impressionist who was born in Germany in 1935. Jereczek’s ballroom scenes take you back to another time of elegance, a time when ballroom dancing was what an occasion entailed. Jerezcek’s ballroom scenes are located in beautiful grand opera houses with titanic staircases, flowing down through the neoclassical columns to dancers by the grand pianos.

Jereczek is also a master at capturing the beautiful scenes of elegant cafes and flower markets in the most elegant of play lands of the rich and famous in Paris, Monaco, and places of one’s imagination as well.

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Originals Oils by Christian Jereczek

CHRISTIAN JERECZEK ARTIST - Venice by Christian Jereczek pin

Artist:  Christian Jereczek
Medium: Original Oil
48 x 36″

CHRISTIAN JERECZEK ARTIST - South of France by Christian Jereczek pin

Artist:  Christian Jereczek
 Title: South of France
Medium: Original Oil
30 x 40″
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