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ERICH PAULSEN (1932- 2015) —Erich Paulsen was born in 1932 in a small village near Berlin. He moved with his parents to West Germany after the war. He studied in Hamburg at the Meisterschule der Malerei.  Further studies followed in Italy, France and Spain. As an art student,  Paulsen traveled to Italy, France, Spain, Scotland and Norway to expand his knowledge and experience the feeling of the landscapes of other countries as well as Germany.

Paulsen painted subjects around his home in Lower Saxony.  Paulsen’s unique palette knife technique and his wonderful colors gave his paintings a particular flair and made them stand out.  Paulsen exhibited his work throughout Germany as well as in the U.S., Sweden and Norway.

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Originals by Erich Paulsen

Originals Oils

ERICH PAULSEN ARTIST - Southern Harbor 23 5 x 23 5 P01800 pin

Erich Paulsen
Title: Southern Harbor
Medium: Original Oil
Size: 23.5 x 23.5″

Eric Paulsen - Grand Canal 39 x 47 5750 pin

Erich Paulsen
Title: Grand Canal
Medium: Original Oil
Size: 39.5 x 47″
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ERICH PAULSEN - Sidewalk in Notre Dame 31 5 x 27 5 P02375 pin

Erich Paulsen 
Title: Notre Dame
Medium: Original Oil
Size: 27 x 32″