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How To Take Care of Your Art

We had a request from one of our favorite clients to write a blog about regular maintenance of artwork. He was concerned after seeing dust on their frames and canvases and wanted to clean them without doing anything that might cause damage.

I remembered writing a blog once called “The Care & Feeding of Your Artwork,” and when I went back to look for it, I found I had written it nearly four years ago! It focused mainly on long-term care – varnishing, rematting, etc. It didn’t deal with the every day care of canvases and art framed with glass.


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The Art Shop – A Preferred Provider

If you’ve read our blogs, you know that Lenny and I recently sold our large home and have moved to a smaller one. Part of the whole buying-selling ordeal, I mean opportunity, was the use of, a very handy web site for the real estate industry.  Our realtor helped us put in the parameters we were searching for – price range, number of bedrooms, area of town, etc.  Every day, we got an email update with new listings, price changes and open houses for homes meeting our specifications.

Also on the website is a list of “Preferred Providers” – movers, carpet dealers, painters, insurance agents, home inspection services – the agent has vetted.  You name it – if it’s something you need in the process of buying, selling or moving into or out of a home, it’s on the list.

EXCEPT – art restoration and hanging services. That’s an oversight we hope to remedy.


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Picture Lights Can Solve Your Lighting Challenge

Hanging a beautiful piece of art in a dark corner is an injustice to the art and a missed opportunity to show the painting at its best. It would be like going to a party looking drop-dead gorgeous and finding out the venue is a very dark room where you can barely be seen. No one can appreciate how great you look.  What a waste!
The best way to light the art is from the ceiling, but that isn’t always possible. You may have very high ceilings or there may be no access to a power source.  If that’s the case, another alternative is a picture light. Picture lights are mounted to the back of the frame and light the image.


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Andy Is Out On A Hanging

It happens pretty often. Someone will call for Andy and without thinking, we say, “He’s out on a hanging.”  There’s usually a pause on the other end of the phone as they envision Andy holding a rope instead of a hammer and picture hooks. 

Art Installation Services
Many people don’t realize we offer “hanging services” along with art, custom framing and restoration,
but it’s something we do quite well and quite often.  Nearly every
week, Andy and/or Chris are out hanging anything from a single picture
to an entire wall grouping. Perhaps their greatest challenge was hanging
a piece of art onto a curved wall and getting the frame to conform to
the wall.  If they can do that successfully (and they did), they can
handle about any challenge you can present.


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The Top 3 Criteria For Choosing A Picture Framer

Picture Framing GreensboroWhat should you look for when searching for a picture framer?  Here are the Top Three:

1. Experience

Because picture framing is as much a science as it is an art, you want your framer to be well versed in the technical aspects of conservation framing.  The first rule of framing
is the same as the  Hippocratic Oath – “First Do No Harm.” 


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“I’ve Never Been Beat…”

That’s what Gallery Director Andy McAfee always says when he’s faced with an art hanging challenge.  Trust me, if he can bend a straight piece of art in its frame on to a curved wall (which he did several years ago), he can handle about anything.  I thought you might like to see Andy & Chris in action on a very challenging hanging project.


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Help, My Art Is Turning Blue

Perhaps ten or so years ago, you bought a lovely print, had
it framed and hung it on your wall. There it still hangs minding its own
business. As an inanimate object, it can’t cry out, “Help, help! The sun is
fading my inks and I’m turning blue!”
(Blue is the most sun-resistant color in
the spectrum which is why it is about the only color left when a print is badly


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Meet Davis Clem

“The way an artist sees the world tells you more about the
world at his time than you can learn from any history book.”  So says our newest Design Consultant, Davis
Clem. “I love that art contextualizes the world.”

When she first enrolled in Oglethorpe University in Atlanta,
she thought art was a waste of time and wanted nothing to do with it.  That was before her first Art History
class.  She immediately ran to the
registrar’s office, switched her major from English to Art History and never
looked back.


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How Well Do You See Color?

You say you’re looking for a white top mat for your
artwork?  Do you want antique white,
warm white, whisper white, glacier white, sand dollar, eiderdown, off white,
alabaster, soft white, bright white, very white, cotton white, white linen,
feather white, ivory, meringue, snowdrift, buff, crystal, chalk, Everest,
Devonshire, Dover white, snow white, whitecap, oyster, Spanish white, wheat,
digital white or just plain white?


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What Diplomas Say

When I’m in a doctor’s office (or attorney’s or financial consultant’s), I always look on the wall for framed diplomas and credentials. I take note of what university or medical school they attended and then I look at the professionalism of the framing. Is it just because I’m in the business or do you do the same thing?

When I see Walmart frames on a professional diploma, it makes me wonder. 





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