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The Top 3 Criteria For Choosing A Picture Framer

Picture Framing GreensboroWhat should you look for when searching for a picture framer?  Here are the Top Three:

1. Experience

Because picture framing is as much a science as it is an art, you want your framer to be well versed in the technical aspects of conservation framing.  The first rule of framing
is the same as the  Hippocratic Oath – “First Do No Harm.” 


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Help, My Art Is Turning Blue

Perhaps ten or so years ago, you bought a lovely print, had
it framed and hung it on your wall. There it still hangs minding its own
business. As an inanimate object, it can’t cry out, “Help, help! The sun is
fading my inks and I’m turning blue!”
(Blue is the most sun-resistant color in
the spectrum which is why it is about the only color left when a print is badly


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The Emotions of Framing

When I got into the business of framing, it didn’t occur to me that selecting a frame would often be an emotional experience. It stands to reason emotions come into play when you consider that people generally frame photos and objects that are of great importance to them. (Of course, there was the client who shadowboxed a rock only to inform us later it was one she’d found it in her backyard.  We make no judgment – on the contrary, we encourage all of you to look in your backyards for unusual geologic formations and bring them to us to frame.)

Most often, the framing is for happy occasions – a wedding or new baby photo, tickets to a favorite concert, a hole-in-one scorecard, etc.  Clients love to talk about what they are framing and we love to hear the stories.  We’ve heard some unbelievable tales of wild vacations (wish I could tell you, but we keep secrets), celebrity encounters, interesting family histories and many others.


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