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So You Have Art You Want To Sell

We get approached every week by people hoping to sell art from their private collections.  They’ve remodeled their living room and the oil painting that belonged to their grandmother looks out of place with the new contemporary furniture. Or they’ve downsized and no longer have room for quite a number of their favorite pieces of art.

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8 thoughts on “So You Have Art You Want To Sell

  1. I have art to sell.Pino,Caulfield,Chagall
    Poster with signature.I have a statue African,one
    African statue given to Mandela by Saucilito City. This is the second one made.

  2. I have an original luster bowl created by Beatrice
    Woods of California, a potter in Ojai,Ca.
    I met Beato, had our pics together, signed my book, and I bought a bowl from her 1989 in Ojai. I am interested in selling my arts. The luster bowl carries luster finish and beautiful accents.What would her original go for in terms of price

  3. Hello.
    I have an oil painting by Alfred de Branski that I am interested in
    selling. It measures 35×23.
    Unfortunately the canvas has a small dent in it.
    Can it be sold with an imperfection or should I consider
    having it repaired first?
    Please advise.

  4. I have a piece from Artist’s Senia Arbor and Howard Behrens. “Garden” embellished giclee canvas. Framed. Behrens signature on right bottom corner. I need support in understanding this piece.

  5. I recently downsized and am interested in selling some original paintings. I am in the Charlotte area so I could bring them in to have them appraised and see if they would be a good fit. I have 2 large oil paintings, 1 large watercolor and 1 smaller oil painting. Although I love the art there is just not enough wall space in my new home. I will include the artist, Mike Ryon’s website below. Thank you

  6. Hi,
    I have to Aldo Luongo serigraphs that I can no longer hang in my current house because of recent downsizing. The pieces I have are as follows:

    Aldo Luongo signed serigraph of his 1996 Billiards – number 84/100
    Aldo Luongo signed serigraph of his 2005 La Sirena Billiards – number 82/195.

    Are these paintings something your gallery would be interested in selling for mew?

  7. Yes, I have a large Richard Fennel original oil called Katie. It was part of a suite. It is gorgeous but too large for my home. I am interested in selling it.

  8. I’m interested in selling a Hessam painting named “Purity” I hv tried to research my piece and can’t seem to find another like it or any information on value. If u could contact me at 910-465-2554 or [email protected]

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