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Big Announcement From The Art Shop

This lovely photo of The Art Shop marquee was taken in March of 1989.  Lenny and I had just purchased The Art Shop from his dad, Stan Dolin, who had owned it since 1964.  My, how young we were!  Lenny has less hair now (a lot less) and I no longer have a hideous perm.

I’m posting this marquee memory for a reason – to announce our retirement effective February 28.

Ironically, we are leaving to allow us to concentrate on Lenny’s health. I say ironically, because it was his dad’s battle with cancer that prompted him to sell The Art Shop to us and we now find ourselves in a similar position.  Fighting cancer has become a full time job and with the help of the staff of Bowman Gray Cancer Center, that is what we intend to do.


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So You Have Art You Want To Sell

The Art Shop is actively seeking high quality original and collectible limited-edition art by well-known and quality artists for our new Estate Collection.  We’d love to help you sell the treasures you can no longer use in your home.
We get approached every week by people hoping to sell art from their private collections.  They’ve remodeled their living room and the oil painting that belonged to their grandmother looks out of place with the new contemporary furniture.


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Happening Upon History

You never know when you’re going to bump into history.  Lenny and I were walking our dogs in our new neighborhood when we stopped to talk to a neighbor.  She knew we owned The Art Shop, so she said, “Wait – I have something to show you.”


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How To Insure Your Art

Anne Gundlach and Davis ClemHi! Davis here! I’ve taken over the blog from Arlene this week. I wanted to write about something that is an extremely important part of being an art collector and owner: insuring your art.

Every week we get numerous questions from collectors and owners about art including:  how to sell art, what to look for when framing your art, and the best way to take care of your art. Another imperative topic is how to protect your art, specifically by insuring it.

I spoke with Anne Gundlach, owner of the Anne Gundlach State Farm Agency in Greensboro, North Carolina, to find out all of the details that art owners need to know when insuring their art.


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How to Sell Your Art

You might find this to be a strange blog topic from a fine art gallery in the business of selling art, but if we had a nickel for each time we’re asked this very question…

Rarely a week goes by without someone calling us or bringing us a piece of art they want to sell.



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Downsizing Part 2 – The Art Wins

I mentioned in an earlier blog that Lenny and I are in the process of downsizing.  In the last blog, I wrote about getting the house ready to put on the market.  Five and ½ months later, our house has sold. Here’s a free tip:  Your house sells much more quickly when you give it away.

Keeping the house clean and in show condition for that length of time was challenging.  It was more than challenging.  It was a real pain in the neck and other places. (Lenny added the last two lines.)


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The True Story of The Monuments Men

"You can wipe out a generation of people. You can burn their homes to the ground, and somehow they’ll still come back. But if you destroy their achievements and their history, then it’s like they never existed."

So said George Stout, conservator and museum director, who helped start the real-life Monuments Men upon which the movie by the same name is based.  George Clooney stars in,


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The Changing Faces of Santa Claus

The image of Santa Claus as a man with a white beard and a big belly wearing a bright red suit is one that has evolved over time. There are numerous theories as to his origin – one being a 4th century Greek Christian bishop named St. Nicholas of Myra who was known for his gifts to the poor.  Early artists depicted him as having a long beard and wearing canonical robes.


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What Makes A House YOUR Home

Lenny and I live in about 2000 square feet. Since our house has 4180 square feet, we have over 2000 square feet of unused space ever since our kids grew up and moved away. We figured it was time to downsize.

In staging our house for resale, our realtor recommended moving several pieces of furniture to the attic to make the rooms look larger. Gone went comfortable chairs, end tables that belonged to grandmothers and favorite knick-knacks.  Brass dates a house, we were told, so I changed every doorknob and hinge in the house


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