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Charity Art Auction Results

It’s always a little stressful to have an event.  You worry – Will we hang the gallery in
time? Are people going to show up?  Will
anyone buy anything? Is everyone having a good time?  Do we have enough food? If there’s a charity involved, will we
raise enough money? Will I eat too much? No – wait…that’s not related to an
event.  Well, the Charity Art Auction is behind us and it was a big


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A Very Personal Fundraiser

If you’ve never had cancer nor know anyone who has or had it, consider yourself lucky.  Also, consider yourself to be part of a very small minority.  Statistics tell us less than 10% of the population falls into this category. This is certainly true at The Art Shop.  I just lost my spunky 88-year-old mother to this dreaded disease in April. 

This was not long after my husband, Lenny, fearless leader of The Art Shop, was diagnosed with his third bout of cancer in the last 13 years.  You would never know it to look at him.  He looks the picture of health and he’s always been an avid cyclist and tennis player and plans to be so again.  However, cancer can strike anyone and treatment takes its toll both mentally and physically.


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Special Valentines Event

Any plans for Valentine’s Day? Hope your celebration is better than this woman’s – she & her husband go to the card store every Valentine’s Day, pick out cards, read them to each other and then put them back on the shelf. (Yes, cards are pricey, but come on!) And I hope your spouse is more romantic than this woman’s – her husband (now her ex-husband) gave her a gift certificate for a car wash for Valentine’s Day.  (What a Romeo! No, it wasn’t Lenny.) 



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New Year’s Resolutions

I tend to make New Year’s resolutions every December 31 and
by January 14, I’ve forgotten all about them. 
Something tells me I’m not the only one guilty of this.

I saw a very interesting alternative to making resolutions,
so I’m hopeful this year will be different. 
It was in an article in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY entitled: "Five Things You Can
Do Instead of New Year’s Resolutions." The ideas ranged from writing a letter
to your future self to focusing your resolution on someone else – a non-profit
you can help throughout the year. 
Here’s a link to the article


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Meet Andy McAfee

This Sunday will be Andy’s 15 year anniversary at The Art Shop! When Gallery Director Andy McAfee joined The Art Shop on July 1, 1997, his goal was to help make The Art Shop an award-winning internationally known art and framing gallery. The Art Shop was voted Top Gallery of the Year for five straight years by DÉCOR MAGAZINE, so I’d say he achieved his goal.

What does Andy love to do at The Art Shop?

  Talk, Teach and Evaluate Art


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Hello and welcome to The Art SHOPTALK!  In case you don’t know us, we are a 5500-square foot state-of-the-art fine art and framing gallery.  While we are physically located in Greensboro, North Carolina, we have shipped art and framing to as far away places as Australia, Spain and Russia.  Thanks to the Internet, our customer base is Planet Earth. (We haven’t ruled out other planets in the future – we feel they are untapped markets.)


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