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The Art Shop – A Preferred Provider

If you’ve read our blogs, you know that Lenny and I recently sold our large home and have moved to a smaller one. Part of the whole buying-selling ordeal, I mean opportunity, was the use of, a very handy web site for the real estate industry.  Our realtor helped us put in the parameters we were searching for – price range, number of bedrooms, area of town, etc.  Every day, we got an email update with new listings, price changes and open houses for homes meeting our specifications.

Also on the website is a list of “Preferred Providers” – movers, carpet dealers, painters, insurance agents, home inspection services – the agent has vetted.  You name it – if it’s something you need in the process of buying, selling or moving into or out of a home, it’s on the list.

EXCEPT – art restoration and hanging services. That’s an oversight we hope to remedy.

Think about this.  Everything you own is packed up and moved either across town or across the country. There are a gazillion boxes waiting for you to unpack in your new home (unless you’re paying the movers to unpack you).  What is the last thing you’ll need to do?  Hang all your photos and artwork.  By that time, you are too tired to get off the sofa, much less decide what looks good where, measure, hammer and hang. Unless you’re really good at it, do you want to create a bunch of holes in your freshly painted wall until your framed photo hangs straight?  I think not.

Why not let the experts help you decide where to place your art and family photos and do all the careful measuring and hammering and hanging?  Andy and/or Chris do it all the time. (See our “Andy is Out on a Hanging” blog.) They’ve hung artwork on brick, mirrored walls and other difficult surfaces.  (They even hung a piece of art on a curved wall – wish we had a picture of that, but it was a while ago.) They’ve hung artwork so high it took Andy up to death-defying heights. Do you want to do that yourself?  I think not.

Here’s another scenario: You unpack a piece of art and it’s damaged. The glass is broken or the canvas is torn.  Trust me – this happens A LOT.  We’ve been repairing and restoring artwork since your grandparents moved here. We can provide the documentation you’ll need to have the movers pay your claim.

Moving is both a pain in the neck and an exciting opportunity.  If you’re new to Greensboro or if you’ve lived here all your life, The Art Shop can make your move easier and your new home more beautiful. Just call us (336) 855-8500 and we’ll take care of that last big stress of re-hanging or repairing your treasures.

2 thoughts on “The Art Shop – A Preferred Provider

  1. Can an oversized round mirror fall into the same category of restorative art? The frame is damaged from falling off the wall and the mirror is separated from the backboard and beautiful frame.

  2. Never use Alien Tape to hang your mirrors or pictures. This product holds tight for a couple of weeks but then unravels itself so that your pictures or mirrors fall off the wall.

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