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Meet Davis Clem

“The way an artist sees the world tells you more about the world at his time than you can learn from any history book.”  So says our newest Design Consultant, Davis Clem. “I love that art contextualizes the world.”

When she first enrolled in Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, she thought art was a waste of time and wanted nothing to do with it.  That was before her first Art History class.  She immediately ran to the registrar’s office, switched her major from English to Art History and never looked back.

While in college, she volunteered at the university’s museum of art and in the community – working with animals and tutoring middle and high school students. She landed an internship with a 24,000 square foot fine art gallery in Atlanta where she organized the art in their warehouse and initiated a business venture with an international corporate real estate firm.  The gallery placed art in all of the offices and boardrooms for a monthly rental fee and changed it every six months.  During that time, staff and clients had the option to purchase any of the pieces.

After growing up and attending college in Atlanta, Davis decided she wanted a change of scenery after graduation.  She had her sights on North Carolina since she had many friends here and luckily (for her and for us), she happened upon an ad for an opening at The Art Shop. (The first design consultant opening in 9 years)  One interview later, we knew she was exactly what we were looking for – wise beyond her years with an outgoing personality and excellent taste.

She continually amazes all of us with how quickly she masters the skills necessary for her job.

Davis says what she likes best about her job at The Art Shop is seeing clients walk away pleased with what we have provided – whether it’s a piece of art or something we’ve framed for them.  “Art brings me joy,” she says, “And I’m happy it does that for our clients as well.”

Come in and meet our newest staff member, Davis Clem.

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