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Andy Is Out On A Hanging

It happens pretty often. Someone will call for Andy and without thinking, we say, “He’s out on a hanging.”  There’s usually a pause on the other end of the phone as they envision Andy holding a rope instead of a hammer and picture hooks.

Art Installation Services
Many people don’t realize we offer “hanging services” along with art, custom framing and restoration, but it’s something we do quite well and quite often.  Nearly every week, Andy and/or Chris are out hanging anything from a single picture to an entire wall grouping. Perhaps their greatest challenge was hanging a piece of art onto a curved wall and getting the frame to conform to the wall.  If they can do that successfully (and they did), they can handle about any challenge you can present.

Pictured (below) is an example of a large grouping Andy hung recently.  When hanging a large number of framed pieces, it’s best to consider them as one unit with the center point at eye level. In this case, since there are three rows, the tops and bottoms are even which is pleasing to the eye.

Hang Art in Your Home or Office
Andy will hang art in your home or office. Occasionally, an organization will hire us to hang dozens of pieces they had previously framed at a “discount” framer. They quickly realize the “discount” price they thought they had was no longer a bargain since they now have to pay extra for hanging services.  Had they framed them with us instead, we would have hung them at no cost.

Give us a call! 
If you’re not an experienced picture-hanger, save your sanity and your wall from looking like Swiss cheese and give Andy a call. If you’re planning a large wall of family photos or a grouping of documents for your business, consider that once they’re framed, they’ll need to be hung.  You can trust The Art Shop to beautifully do both.

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