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The Changing Faces of Santa Claus

The image of Santa Claus as a man with a white beard and a big belly wearing a bright red suit is one that has evolved over time. There are numerous theories as to his origin – one being a 4th century Greek Christian bishop named St. Nicholas of Myra who was known for his gifts to the poor.  Early artists depicted him as having a long beard and wearing canonical robes.


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What Makes A House YOUR Home

Lenny and I live in about 2000 square feet. Since our house has 4180 square feet, we have over 2000 square feet of unused space ever since our kids grew up and moved away. We figured it was time to downsize.

In staging our house for resale, our realtor recommended moving several pieces of furniture to the attic to make the rooms look larger. Gone went comfortable chairs, end tables that belonged to grandmothers and favorite knick-knacks.  Brass dates a house, we were told, so I changed every doorknob and hinge in the house


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“I’ve Never Been Beat…”

That’s what Gallery Director Andy McAfee always says when he’s faced with an art hanging challenge.  Trust me, if he can bend a straight piece of art in its frame on to a curved wall (which he did several years ago), he can handle about anything.  I thought you might like to see Andy & Chris in action on a very challenging hanging project.


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Charity Art Auction Results

It’s always a little stressful to have an event.  You worry – Will we hang the gallery in
time? Are people going to show up?  Will
anyone buy anything? Is everyone having a good time?  Do we have enough food? If there’s a charity involved, will we
raise enough money? Will I eat too much? No – wait…that’s not related to an
event.  Well, the Charity Art Auction is behind us and it was a big


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Help, My Art Is Turning Blue

Perhaps ten or so years ago, you bought a lovely print, had
it framed and hung it on your wall. There it still hangs minding its own
business. As an inanimate object, it can’t cry out, “Help, help! The sun is
fading my inks and I’m turning blue!”
(Blue is the most sun-resistant color in
the spectrum which is why it is about the only color left when a print is badly


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A Very Personal Fundraiser

If you’ve never had cancer nor know anyone who has or had it, consider yourself lucky.  Also, consider yourself to be part of a very small minority.  Statistics tell us less than 10% of the population falls into this category. This is certainly true at The Art Shop.  I just lost my spunky 88-year-old mother to this dreaded disease in April. 

This was not long after my husband, Lenny, fearless leader of The Art Shop, was diagnosed with his third bout of cancer in the last 13 years.  You would never know it to look at him.  He looks the picture of health and he’s always been an avid cyclist and tennis player and plans to be so again.  However, cancer can strike anyone and treatment takes its toll both mentally and physically.


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Meet Davis Clem

“The way an artist sees the world tells you more about the
world at his time than you can learn from any history book.”  So says our newest Design Consultant, Davis
Clem. “I love that art contextualizes the world.”

When she first enrolled in Oglethorpe University in Atlanta,
she thought art was a waste of time and wanted nothing to do with it.  That was before her first Art History
class.  She immediately ran to the
registrar’s office, switched her major from English to Art History and never
looked back.


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How Well Do You See Color?

You say you’re looking for a white top mat for your
artwork?  Do you want antique white,
warm white, whisper white, glacier white, sand dollar, eiderdown, off white,
alabaster, soft white, bright white, very white, cotton white, white linen,
feather white, ivory, meringue, snowdrift, buff, crystal, chalk, Everest,
Devonshire, Dover white, snow white, whitecap, oyster, Spanish white, wheat,
digital white or just plain white?


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You Can’t Sell A Painting of a Woman With a Mustache

We’re often asked how we select the art that hangs in our
gallery.  The simple answer is we select
what we think will sell.  How do we know
that?  Experience. That’s not to say we
haven’t made a few boo-boos over the years. 
(There was that piece with the monkey sitting on a piano that stuck
around for a few years, but that was a long time ago. We finally sold
it/unloaded it to our sister-in-law who loves it.)

A recent article in THE ART NEWSPAPER talked about how
subject matter, color and shape all impact a painting’s market value. While
there are always exceptions to these rules, here are some of their findings:


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