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Do You Remember Walter Keane?

On Christmas afternoon Lenny and I always like to go to a movie and eat Chinese food.  This year, we ate Chinese (at Full Kee in High Point – delicious), but postponed seeing a movie.

One movie I’m anxious to see though is   BIG EYES – the story of Walter Keane and his wife.  If you’re over
55 or so, you might remember those sad big-eyed children’s faces and you
either loved them or hated them.  Apparently enough people loved them
at the time to make Keane an extremely well known and successful
artist.  Unfortunately, Walter wasn’t the artist – his wife was.  He
convinced her no one would buy the art if it were done by a female
artist.  She went along with the lie until he divorced her and she tried
to convince everyone of the truth.  I won’t spoil the ending if you
haven’t seen it.

I was curious about other movies about artists, so I Googled it – Top Movies About Art or Artists.


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