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Introducing Our New Artist, Vadim Klevenskiy

Vadim Klevenskiy Vadim Klevenskiy
Winter is my least favorite season. I hate cold weather and I hate that it gets dark at so early.  Maybe that’s what attracts me to one of our newest artists, Vadim Klevenskiy.

One look at his nearly photographic paintings of gorgeous flowers and I am transported to springtime.  Janelle says when you view his paintings of crashing waves upon the sand, you can almost hear the sound.  They are that incredible.

Vadim Klevenskiy Artwork About the Artist
Klevenskiy was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (formerly USSR) in 1964. His father was an architect and after viewing his drawings, he became interested in art. He was Assistant Art Director at a film studio in Moldova and graduated with a degree in Teaching of Drawing and Painting from Republic College of Art in Moldavia and with a degree in Art Design of Feature Films and TV from the All-Russian Institute of Cinematography in Moscow. By combining his classical training and his background in cinematography, Klevenskiy paints in a style unlike any other artist.

Many New Artists

We have several new artists at The Art Shop (including Vadim Klevenskiy’s wife Tatiana).  I’ll tell you about the others in upcoming blogs.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, visit the Klevenskiy page on our website  and forget it’s still January.

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