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A Blip In The Blog

“We hope to inform and keep you up-to-date on the latest in the art and custom-framing world and make you laugh occasionally in the process.”

That’s what I wrote at the end of our first blog on November 1, 2011. I realize now I left out something very important in that line.

 Through our blog, we want you get to know us as individuals as much as we want you to know us as a business.  In this age of big box stores and online shopping, I think it’s refreshing to do business with people you know or at least know something about.

In the nearly 18 months of writing blogs, I’ve written bios of the staff, told you what they love about what they do, told you about a letter I wrote to Lenny the night before we got married (to inform you about personal archiving) and talked about our dogs, Molly and Emma. Now you know a little about us as individuals.  I’ve also talked about matting, taking care of your artwork, how to hang a picture and many more topics, so hopefully, you have found the information helpful.

I’ve personally written all but two of the blogs and had every intention of writing at least two per month. That pace was difficult recently because my spunky independent 88-year-old mother became ill and I spent most of March in South Carolina caring for her.  She died early this month and my sisters and I were blessed to be able to be with her when she died

My purpose in telling you this is not to illicit sympathy, but to publicly thank The Art Shop staff for giving me the opportunity to be where I was needed most – away from my  business and with my mom. Lenny was able to join me for the funeral and to help me with all the details one needs to handle afterwards.  He was able to leave knowing The Art Shop was in the very capable hands of Andy, Janelle, Chris, Will and Dale. We are very blessed to have such skilled and caring people working for us and with us.

Now that I’m home, I’ll be back to blogging, bragging and informing you about the art and custom-framing world on a more regular basis. Stay tuned

Photo Above: L-R Janelle, Will, Andy, Chris.  (Missing is Dale but hey, that would have thrown the photo out of balance)

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