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12 Gift Ideas You Will Want To Keep For Yourself

The best gifts – the ones most appreciated and remembered years later- are those that have special meaning to the recipient. Custom framing gives you the opportunity to give someone a unique and meaningful gift.  With the holidays approaching, I thought it might be helpful to share some examples of wonderful framed gifts:

  • A man’s pocket watch.  It belonged to a woman’s recently deceased father-in-law and she framed it as a surprise gift for her husband. We attached an engraved plaque with his father’s name and dates of birth and death.
  • Recipe cards.  A woman brought in her mother’s favorite recipes to frame and display in her newly remodeled kitchen.  The recipe cards were in her mother’s handwriting which added to their sentimentality.
  • A navy uniform.  We shadowboxed the uniform along with photos of the man who proudly wore it.  His daughter cried when she saw the finished product.
  • Braids.  A woman who had saved her braided hair from childhood beautifully preserved it in a shadowbox along with a photo of herself as a child in braids.
  • Measurements on wallpaper.  A client brought in old wallpaper on which she had measured her children’s heights over the years.  The wallpaper was getting replaced and she didn’t want to lose such an important part of her family’s history.
  • Golf score card.  A client’s husband achieved a hole in one, so his wife framed the score card, the pencil and a brochure from the golf course.
  • Letter to the tooth fairy. When my son lost his first tooth, he wrote an adorable letter to the tooth fairy (spelled phonetically).  We framed the letter along with photos of him with his missing teeth.  (He’s 24 now, so I’m sure he really appreciates that I am still talking about this.)  Framing a child’s drawing is a wonderful way to encourage a budding Picasso and is an inexpensive way to have art for his room.
  • A map & photos.  A client went on a fabulous trip and we framed a map with his photos mounted over several of the locations.
  • Name mat.  For the first birthdays of my great-niece and nephew, I had their names cut out of a mat.  I placed a collage of photos taken throughout their first year behind the letters of their names. It was a treasured gift they will always have.
  • Tickets & Photos.  We have framed countless tickets to the Super Bowl, to special concerts and to other events along with photos.  It’s a great way to immortalize a special event in someone’s life.
  • Invitations.  We love framing them because there are endless possibilities for creating a unique and treasured gift.
  • Ribbons & medalsWe have framed swimming medals, military medals and prize ribbons along with photos taken during competitions or of men in uniform. It’s a wonderful way to honor a veteran or to remember a significant accomplishment.

While this is a small list of the countless framing projects we’ve done over the years, I hope they will give you food for thought as you are creating your holiday gift list.  You can see many of the above framing projects on our website at our framing page or on our Facebook page at The Art Shop Inc.

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