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HESSAM ABRISHAMI — “Dynamic composition, powerful expression and vibrant colors along with great imagination.” A recent description of the paintings of Persian born artist Hessam Abrishami. He creates works of amazing depth and dimension that intrigue and disarm the viewer. Hessam paints passionately, influenced by his dramatic life experience and the world is responding enthusiastically! Hessam has exhibited throughout Europe, Asia and North America. The French press has called his paintings “a statement in the fluidity of human figures . . . with tension between each figure, a kinship that provokes the viewer to seek reasons for such a relationship”. It is no wonder that his works have been described as “taking the onlooker to a realm of suggestion and mystical beauty . . . where everything is alive with a sense of everlasting fluid motion.” In doing so, “Hessam is expanding his horizons and stimulating the mind as well as charming the eyes of the beholder.” Says Hessam, “I didn’t set out to use bright colors, they just came out. This is important, I don’t give any direction to my paintings. Any colors I use just come from my feelings.”

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Original Sketches by Hessam

HESSAM - F-35 Sketch 22 x 12 pin

Hessam Original Sketch
Title: F-35
Medium: Charcoal on Board
Size: 22 x 12″

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HESSAM - F-18 Sketch 12x8 Charcoal on Board pin

Hessam Original Sketch
Title: F-18
Medium: Charcoal on Board
Size: 12 x 8″

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Hessam Abrishami Sketch pin

Hessam Original Sketch
Title: F-16
Medium: Charcoal on Board
Size: 16 x 11″

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All of our limited editions are available on canvas.  Each pieces is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
There are a few Hessam limited editions that are embellished by the artist.  What is an embellished giclee on canvas?

The Art Shop has many original works by Hessam  including original paintings & sketches.  Please watch this space. We will post pictures of Hessam originals as they become available.