He has a passion for the land and is intrigued with the interaction of man and nature.  “As an artist, I am continually observing life around me.  I am fascinated by the effects of light, atmosphere, and weather.  The figures I am currently working on reflect a moment of stillness and thought—a reflection on the subject’s place in time and their hope for a better future.”
Keysar started his formal art training at the age of fourteen with lessons at The Art League in Alexandria, Virginia.  In 2000, he completed four years of fine arts education at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.  In addition, his training included a year of study from 1997–1998 under nationally-known portrait and landscape artist Carolyn Egeli of Valley Lee, Maryland.  He has also studied the figure with Robert Liberace and Dan Thompson.

Keysar’s greatest artistic influences have been the art of Homer, Eakins, and the Barbizon School, along with the contemporary work of Randall Exon, David Graeme Baker, and many others.  He has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows, and his work is owned by collectors throughout the country.

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