2011 - Pino: A Retrospective Show


Pino - A Retrospective is the very first exhibition to celebrate the life and work of this internationally acclaimed figurative artist. (1939 - 2010) Assembled works look back on a career that spanned four decades in the United States. This collection includes original sketches on paper, original paintings on canvas and original illustrations of the book covers on board that made him famous. 


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This exhibition is in progress right now.  This is an exclusive exhibition at Pino's home and studio.  If you would like more information on any of these original works call right now while the show is in progress and talk to either Andy McAfee 336-420-0098 or Lenny Dolin 336-908-1079.  This retrospective show is currently the largest collection of Pino originals in one place with over 30 pieces for sale. It is unlikely there will ever be a larger selection of sketches, fine art oils and book cover illustrations in one place.

Andy and Lenny are at the exhibition now with other collectors from around the country. Call us if you 'd like to discuss any of these works.   
Contact - Andy at 336-420-0098 or Lenny at 336-908-1079


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~ These Rare Works Will Be Available For One Week Only Before They Are Returned To Pino's Estate~
   Updated 11-14-2011

Title: Sweet Dreams
Medium: Original Oil
Size: 24 x 30

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