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AUGUST E-NEWS - We hope you enjoy this month's edition
of E-News from The Art Shop.


The Art Shop is delighted to introduce the works of romantic impressionist, Stephen Charles Shortridge.
  SHORTRIDGE Born in Iowa and raised in Southern California Stephen excelled in art throughout his schooling but had mainly studied commercial art. He took his first painting class while attending Idaho State University on a sports scholarship.SHORTRIDGE

Without formal training, the French Impressionists became his teacher, Monet in particular. Preferring full colors and bold painting strokes Stephen has established his own aggressive style.


Hold the dates Friday Nov 22 and Saturday Nov 23rd open for a visit to The Art Shop.
SABZISABZI returns to The Art Shop for a one-man show. Don't miss this chance to meet this internationally acclaimed artist and view a comprehensive collection of Sabzi art SABZIoriginal and his limited edition works.

Sabzi's paintings resonate both Eastern and Western philosophies. His rich Persian heritage provides him with ancient images, sentimental Persian themes and memories of innocence.

Read more about SABZI
Framing Focus: THE K.I.S.S. PRINCIPLE

Many people, when they come to frame something, ask for the K.I.S.S. principles - "Keep it Simple, Stupid." (Of course, they are too polite to call us "Stupid".)

We hear you. We understand you. And what's more, we agree with you. Whether it's an oil painting, a diploma or needlework, the art is the first thing one should see when entering a room,not the framing. The framing of a painting or print is a presentation of that painting or print to its best advantage. It should enhance, embellish and emphasize the picture. It should never overpower the subject.

When we design frames at The Art Shop, we first consider the elements of the art we want to emphasize or reinforce. We then decide how we will create the transition between the picture, the wall behind it and the room around it.
Understanding you, your personal taste and the way you live, helps us. This enables us to frame a picture not only in a way you will enjoy for many years to come but in the best way for the picture itself.

Read about our expert Custom Framing Services.

THOMAS KINKADEThe very popular Thomas Kinkade Video Event returns to the Thomas Kinkade Gallery October 19th at 3:00 p.m. Join Thom direct from his studio in California as he unveils a new release Cobblestone Mill. Thom will also update his collectors on his and his family's activities during the past year and discuss a new book.

KINKADEAnyone purchasing a limited edition canvas on the day of the event will receive a gift of a free paper print on San Benito Lateral the original of which was recently painted near his ranch.

Call the Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery toll free at 888-366-2652 for more information. View more of Thomas Kinkade's works.

  The Art Shop hopes you enjoyed our featured artwork and found our "Framing Focus" article interesting. We invite you to contact us with any questions or comments.
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