I am going to brag…just wanted to warn you.

Janelle created a great video about Andy’s recent guest shot on Rock 92 Radio’s morning show.  He was terrific in the interview - funny and knowledgeable and entertaining.  Listening to him you’d never know he was actually nervous about his appearance.  He sounds like he does it every day. Listen and tell us what you think


All of us who work at The Art Shop wear different hats.  While we can all pick out outstanding framing for a customer, only Janelle can create a terrific video and put it on YouTube.  While all of us can string more than two sentences together (usually), only Andy can string them together humorously and intelligently on the radio under the pressure of a live talk show. 

In a car’s engine, each part must contribute its own special function.  When one sputters and ceases to operate, the car doesn’t go.  We feel very fortunate (more bragging), that each person at The Art Shop has a special skill he or she contributes to the business that makes our engine continue to go smoothly. 

We hope you find Andy's interview informative and entertaining.



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