Brian DavisBefore he begins his artistic journey on canvas, Brian Davis combs the fields and gardens near his Los Angeles home for a flower or scene that catches his eye. He carries a camera everywhere so he can shoot a subject at any moment. Since flowers wilt so quickly, and it can take weeks to complete a painting, he has found a way to create a floral image from a series of different shots for each flower. He may not do an exact botanical rendering and he changes colors and leaves at will."My favorite flowers are roses, epiphyllums, calla lilies, camillias, and birds of paradise. There are others, but these I seem to come back to. They all have an elegance or translucency. I have many of these flowers growing in my garden, which I use for my work."

"My favorite artists are an eclectic lot - Vermier, Rembrant, Monet, Van Gogh, and Sargent, come to mind." — Brian Davis

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