By divine intervention in May of 2010, William Christopher Hawkins dropped off a resume just as we were in need of an additional framer.  We took one look at samples of his work – including gorgeous shadowboxes, original artwork and intricately cut mats - and hired him on the spot.


Will’s favorite type of framing is "anything out of the box – anything he can do that is different or unique."  In most cases, that usually involves some type of shadowbox, but not always.  While the purpose of framing is to enhance and protect the artwork, sometimes Will is given the freedom to scratch his creative itch. The results always blow you away.

Will recalls: "I’ve always made things.  Some of my earliest memories are of drawing, coloring and making things out of Playdough.  Despite having always drawn, I never really was exposed to art formally and never had an art class." 

He started out in GTCC’s Architectural Technology program, but his heart wasn’t in it. He eventually re-enrolled in their Commercial Art and Advertising Design program. Finally, at age 20, he had his first art class.  He took life drawing, advanced drawing, technical drawing, advertising design, computer graphics, illustration and photography classes and excelled in all of them. However, it was an elective course that changed his career path. Will says "I’ve always joked that History of Western Art ruined me for commercial art. It combined my passions for history and for art and helped me decide I wanted to be around fine art, at least in some small way." 

He took a part-time job at a frame shop while attending GTCC.  He had never thought to make framing a career, but his boss gave him a great deal of freedom to experiment and create and it gradually became an interesting artistic outlet.  Eventually, Will opened his own frame shop, which he operated for twelve years.  When the economy took its toll, he brought his talents and his clients to The Art Shop. His outside interests include drawing, writing, poetry and reading.  

One look at Will’s work pictured here  and you can tell he loves what he does – and The Art Shop’s clients are the beneficiaries. 


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